Global In Flight Connectivity

CHiiMP is a fully bundled hardware/software package designed to keep you connected in flight. It utilises our unique iPAN Network and leverages your Iridium Satellite connection. At $9995 fully installed no matter where you fly, You, your crew and your passengers have immediate SMS and Email communication via iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini. 

Grrrilla is our new Wireless product. It is a unique combination of an SB200 Swift Broadband system, BizjetMobile and our unique iPAN network. 

At $76,000 plus installation Grrrilla operates in both the narrowband and broadband environments and gives you the opportunity to determine who can access the system. 
For example you may want crew to have full time SMS and Email and the passengers to have Wireless plus SMS and Email. Grrrilla is totally flexible.  See for more details.

iPAN is a new generation global inflight technology that provides every user with the same level of fast, secure and reliable connectivity in the air, without the high price tag. Based on 5th generation cellphone Bluetooth core technology and utilizing the most advanced networking protocols, iPAN connects every user inflight via their own dedicated channel, rather than sharing the network

For more details contact :
 +447481 555595.